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      Product name:Diced Aloe Vera Gel


      Reference standard :QB /T 2843-20073


      Material sources :Aloe Barbadensis



      Product features and usages


      The product is rich in compositions necessary for human body, such as amino acid, vitamin, mineral and aloe polysaccharide. The aloe granule is crystal clear and has sour and sweet tastes. It is the additive used for food, such as drinks, jelly and yogurt. It is a self-made food for beverage and catering places.



      Usage and precautions


      Product safety evaluation: It is a non-toxic natural food, with no side effect.


      It should be stored in the cool, dry and ventilated warehouse and be kept in dark place. Do not pile it in open air. Forbid storing it with toxic or smelly objects. It should be immediately used once it is opened. If there is any remaining aloe, it should be sealed and preserved in the fridge and refrigeration and use up as soon as possible.



      Product packing specification


      25kg/bag (aseptic bag) /piece. Its outer package is carton; or 200kg/bag (aseptic bag) /barrel.



      Warranty period of product


      In the case of meeting storage conditions and unsealing, the warranty period of Aloe Gel Cans is 1 years.

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