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      Product name :10:1 Aloe Barbadensis Whole Leaf Juice



      Reference standard :QB/ T2488 、QB/ T2489


      Material sources :Aloe Barbadensis


      Product features and usages


      10:1 Aloe Barbadensis Gel Whole Leaf Juice is rich in various components, including barbaloin, aloe polysaccharide, organic acid, amino acid and trace element. It is a senior industrial raw material widely applied to cosmetics, health care product, drug and sanitary products.


      Usage and precautions


      Product safety evaluation: it is the non-toxic natural plant extract, with no side effect.




      Some allergic cases are found in the whole leaf products. If there is any allergy in use, please reduce or temporarily use it. Children below 12 years old are suggested to avoid taking the aloe whole leaf products (except for beverage); Women during pregnancy, lactation period and menstrual period cannot take the aloe whole leaf products; Those allergic to aloe should less use or do not use it.



      Storage and use conditions


      It should be stored in the cool, dry and ventilated warehouse and be kept in dark place. Do not pile it in open air. Forbid storing it with toxic or smelly objects.



      Product packing specification


      20kg/bag (aseptic bag). Its outer package is carton; or 200kg/bag (aseptic bag) /barrel.


      Warranty period of product


      In the case of meeting storage conditions and unsealing, the warranty period is one year.

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