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      The source of quality is from Evergreen

      Evergreen has set up the plantation base of around 10,000 mu in Yuanjiang, Yunnan, which has modernized facilities and plants harmless high-quality Aloe Barbadensis. It is the biggest Aloe Barbadensis plantation base in Asia. Yuxi where Yuanjiang County is located has listed the aloe industry as the emerging pillar industry after tobacco. Evergreen has formulated Management Specification of Aloe Plantation -- Organic. According to the requirement: regions that meet the environmental quality standards of organic food can be selected as the plantation base. Windrows will be explored around the base. Prevent any possible agricultural pollution.

      There are no air pollution sources within 5km around the base, including metallurgy, chemical factory and cement plant. Prevent industrial waste water from flowing into the base
      The base meets the standard requirements of organic plantation of China, America and EU, and passes the organic plantation certification of China, America and EU
      The ditch around the aloe base is 50cm wide and 40-50cm deep, which ensures smooth drainage, prevents the remaining water of other crops from entering the aloe garden, and prevents possible agricultural pollution
      No fertilizer and chemical synthesis pesticides are used. Only organic fertilizer is used
      Comprehensive agronomic measures are implemented for virus prevention, so as to balance the farmland ecosystem
      The transportation tools are fully cleaned, thus preventing harmful substances from polluting leaves


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